Pagina (Page)

any nearly to reality is it just coincidence… i assure you.

sromo (“sergioPoe writings.”)

I met “Pagina” one day after as a casual personal needed to refresh my thirsty throat for some fresh Corona beer when i walked just two block from my small appartment at noon direct to these small bar under sunny sun (heavy sun) neer of my place on this lovely small “pueblito” locate 20 feets on the beach in fornt to “El Gato (the cat ) “beach”, she was a bright younger charming “güera” as the usual serving cool beers for all customers in this small bar belong to his mexican fiance (a guy wih more than 10 years old her borned on the big Central Country named Mexico City .

Carlito’s Bar es el nombre del bar que el novio de Pagina llego a abrir como su negocio particular con la liquidacion economica que recibió despues de haber pasado 25 años como empleado de campo en la compañia de Luz y Fuerza, no precisamente como un empleado calificado o con algun puesto de jefatura, mas bien Carlitos como queria que sus amigos lo llamaran, solo pensó en cumplir la antiguedad necesaria en se puesto para tomar su pension y escapar a una playa que le permitiera vivir y pasar sus siguientes 40 años de la forma que más le agradaba: entre el mar y la arena, ya que su abuelo muchos años atrás era originario de esta region pero tuvo que abandonar la vida de joven pescador por irse a la capital , y como su unico oficio no era precisamente de un tecnico calificado, no tuvo mas remedio que buscar la forma de ganarse la vida con seguridad social, dentro de alguna dependencia gubernamental como la mayoria de las personas que llenan la ciudad mas poblada y talves muy cerca de ser la mas llena de basura, claro que esta distinción no es posible saberla con precision es algo que todas las Ciudades del Mundo ocultan muy bien por verguenza o porque asi debe ser.

Cuando se conocieron casi a su llegada al pueblito , Carlos pensó que habia encontrado en Pagina esa compañera de juerga y cinismo que todo hombre busca, sin imporar la diferencia de edades entre ellos un poco mas de 12 años; que no significa mucho cuando aun no cumples los 45, pero cuando empieas a llegar a los 50 notas mas estas diferencias, y aunque Pagina aparentaba no importarle, para Carlos ya empezaba a ser un gran problema sobre eran mas frecuentes los pleitos por celos que Carlos sentia cada dia en su bar cuando ella trataba de ser amable con los clientes del Carlito’s Bar.

the fisrts i remarked was her name has were gave me a strange sensation of fool like a jocke; but maybe more undestandable when you now she came from parthalt Mexican and other part American parents, borned on this part of charming Mexico beach , with these uncommon name but maybe more usual on USA.

“Pagina” she has special skin color attraction, some nearly to local “buen bronceado” (brown beauty color not too brown but nerly to honny style) , that skin color wimen catch here when you have the habit to pass long time inside on the beach weather but with beauty eyes black color and semi-yellow hear burned with the sea salt , only healty skin.

Living here must yourger years on this charming “Pueblito ( denomination with Mexican Nahuatl origin Tepetlan)”cleany with aparently calm ambience, nice weather pleanty of most beauty views and charmng temperature, good food”; maybe she was not ecide to spend her first 35’s, but today she will aproach to her first 40’s , most certly in 4 days after Litle Jesus born date , most precisely on the “Dia de los Inocentes” main date the local fand full Catolic Mexicans ,some we have to remark on tis date it is anual celebration the day of”San Juditas Tadeo” (Tadeo’sant anual anniversary ) at december 28.

She was living every day as instence life of everbody when you are in a Mexico Beach Place , maybe she has not decided to drop her anchors here on this lovely town at first or maybe sha has never has the chance to change, or maybe she was borned with that special escence inside her bload who only guy where has living long time on the beach has and swed all the time ; i dont think it is ony the fake situation when of youngers foreigh guys half of them local but by the other foretoigh from any part of the globe:germans, british , canadiens, all of them almost 24 hours on the party time; nothing else like easy friendship downtown dudes, in particular you can feel some kind of friendlyship and acceptation or maybe don’t, maybe it is an mirror aspect about the spectation every day the foreigh turism visit this to spend a bounch of dollars buying “artesania y buena comida” when they arrived as soon from they colded Cities every winter , and just the local guys try to undestand , who can does when most nearly youngers “turistas” in reality just are looking (almost) to fill they adiction here on these place where every one around the globe know s as the Yeyo Babilonia City on our time.

People like she and all them to have addictions are bipolars states i know it… but living in this paradisiac small town 10 minuts nearly Guerrero Beach, most cool place , but as you suppose pleanty of best snow all the year like any Canadian NortBrith town , that mean Guerrero mariguana and yeyo offer like Tonny Montana dream.. this place mean paradice life as your can pick up the phone an order it as pizza deliver package , and less than 30 minuts you will have your order direct in to your door in a perfect precision.

That kind of precision make ruborize to any most prestigius international retail orginization place inclusive in this lovely Mexican area.

But that precept just affect only if you ‘re looking for, because this place it is not that different of any other good beachs around the world, the only differece is just Pagina was living here and you can met her if you just visit her boyfreind bar locate on the downtown when she has a job as partime as weitress.when Lupita take her dayrest and most part oof time as cashier.